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Improving the field of Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring through Education, Training, & Consulting



Preparation for CNIM Exam

July 12th-July 13th, 2024 

8:30AM-5:00PM Daily

Seated Virtual Course!!!



The objectives of this course are to enhance the education of Board-Eligible Candidates who are preparing to sit for the CNIM Exam. Further, the design of the course lends itself to anyone in the field seeking more thorough and IONM-Relevant education!



  • ACNS IONM Guidelines: Foundations of CNIM Preparation 

Lecture includes Guidelines for equipment settings for recording all modalities. 


  • Safety Concerns & Ethics: Doing it the Right Way

Lecture focuses on patient safety, sterile concepts, OR safety and legal and ethical concerns related to IONM.


  • Anatomy & Physiology related to IONM

CNS, PNS, Vascular, and Spinal Anatomy will be discussed in three separate lectures and correlated to IONM. All generator sites for modalities will be discussed and correlated to Waveforms discussed in IONM Lectures


  • IONM 101: Recording Concepts: Stimulators, Filters, Computer System

Three Separate lectures regarding all that is equipment including all components of IONM equipment including Filters, Grounding System, Analogue to Digital Conversion, Differential Amplifiers, Common Mode Rejection, Signal to Noise Ratio, and much more. All math equations related to IONM and CNIM exam will be discussed


  • Anesthesia & Pharmacology Related to IONM

Common drugs used in surgery which directly or indirectly impact IONM will be discussed. Thorough explanations of how each drug type impacts each modality will be discussed and simulated using CadX Simulation Software. This is historically one of the most well received and useful lectures according to exit surveys from prior participants.


  • Neuropathology & Patient Co-Morbidities: Every Patient is NOT the Same!

This lecture delves into certain pathologies and comorbidities that patients may present with which would cause the IONM Technologist to alter monitoring plans. Contraindications, anatomic anomalies, alternate electrode placements, and troubleshooting will be addressed. Additionally, discussions of diagnoses which lead to the need for monitoring will be addressed. Some topics will be: Degenerative Spine Disease, Scoliosis, SDR, Vestibular Schwannoma, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Hemi-facial Spasm, Vascular Conditions, Epilepsy, CNS Tumors, Thyroid Disease, and other commonly (and not so commonly) monitored conditions.



  • Testing Skills: How to Succeed

Many technologists may attain the academics and have the clinical experience to pass the examination, but have poor test taking skills or severe testing anxiety. This conversation teaches many tried and proven methods in preparing for and taking the exam. 


  • Assessment: Final Exam 

A multiple-choice examination will be given following lectures to assess the thoroughness and effectiveness of the program. Individualized assessments follow within two weeks of the course.   


Philip Smothers, CNIM, REEGT 

Founder & Director of Education: The IOM Academy

Co-Founder & President of Clinical Services: Neurodiagnostic Consultants, LLC

Tommy Zaino, B.S., CNIM

Director of Operations/Senior Clinician: Neurodiagnostic Consultants, LLC

Instructor: The IOM Academy

Adam Smothers, B.S., CNIM

Senior Clinician: Neurodiagnostic Consultants, LLC

LMS Manager/Instructor: The IOM Academy


The instructors for this course have a combined FIFTY-PLUS years of experience in the field of Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring with over THIRTY years as Instructors! It is also important to point out that they all are still active in surgery. Learn from those who still work in the O.R.!



Course fees are $500 per participant and includes exclusive access to The IOM Academy’s catalogue of over FIVE HUNDRED lectures for thirty days after the completion of the course!!!


To register, email Adam Smothers at:

Board Prep Registration Form

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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